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Islas Del Sol Logo
Islas Del Sol Condominiums Building

The Islas Del Sol eighteen story building boasts ocean views from every unit!

- - Use this "FORM" below to make reservations directly with the Islas Del Sol Resort. Please "SUBMIT" the form below to provide us with your contact information, along with any comments or questions that you may have. Your information will be sent directly to our Reservations Specialist (Office) in Mazatlan, Mexico. Thank you!

Islas Del Sol
Camarón Sábalo 696, Mazatlán, Sinaloa, México 82110
Telephone: (669) 913-0088 / 0066 (Use 011-52 Prefix from USA)
                   Franco Simental: 1-801-738-4425
                   Reservations: 1-801-738-4425

Reservation(s) Request Form

NOTE: In order to confirm the reservation(s) we request the guest to deposit 50% of the rent and send the deposit slip by fax, etc. -- then we will provide the guest with the condo/unit number!

 * FAX "deposit slip" to: (669) 913-5666 (Use 011-52 Prefix from USA)

Select and fill in the information for the item(s) that apply, and then let us know the best method for us to contact you.

  Ex: ( Doe, John)



Zip Code:  


Email Address:   
  (Max Char. 40)
           * Please fill-in your Email Address!

Unit Number if Applicable: #

Number of Persons:
    * (Occupancy) - for Unit(s) Requested!

Check-in Date:  
Check-out Date:

Comments / Questions

NOTE: Any infromation provided will be kept confidential and NOT shared with any 3rd party companies.
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