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This page is dedicated to current and upcoming events that are happening at Islas Del Sol and the surrounding community! There will be coming soon a "News Letter", which will be posted monthly or Quarterly pending on the time of year, or the number of events / happenings... Keep in touch with us for current events!!!


We, the Owners and Co-Owners of the Condominium Islas Del Sol are very proud to introduce you to the comfort and enjoyment provided by our facility and friendly Staff in Mazatlan, Mexico.

Being right on the "sand", Islas Del
Sol offers easy access to the Ocean for Sun bathing and enjoying the surf. By leaving the street side of the building and walking maybe 100 feet, you can catch a bus and be in the retail "Gold Zone" in minutes! Taxis and the famous "Pulmonias" also offer service from and to our door.

We have been here for over 35 years, having in that time acquired many regular members. This has created a very friendly and stable environment. We have about equal participation between mostly US and Canadian members in the winter months, and mostly Mexican members in the late summer months. Some periods over the year, we also have a very healthy mix of both cultures to the enjoyment of all!

We believe that we have a most unique opportunity for you to obtain unit weeks. In acquiring weeks, you obtain a specific designated week(s) in the year and, you acquire a lifetime of possession/right to the week(s)! Where will you find such an arrangement!!! Nowhere but at Islas Del Sol!!! Please look at our offerings in other locations in our web site, or, best of all, arrange for a brief visit at Islas Del Sol
with our staff and "try us out"! We know that you will want to come to Islas Del Sol every year!

We also have Full Time ownership opportunities available. Own a second home in a great location!

Please enjoy your visit of this Web Site. Your questions will be readily answered by our staff.

Thank you!

NOTE: Please check here for Previous Announcement Letters:
                                                        • General Assembly Letter -  December 2017

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