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Islas del Sol is 18 stories tall and has nine, 2 floor Condo units (Units). The entrances to the Units are located on the even numbered floors of the resort, With the exception being that of the Penthouse with the entrance on the 17th floor. The alternate level floors of each Unit are only accessible from inside the main rooms.
The Unit 's two levels are masterfully laid out for comfortable and private accommodations. Each Unit has an equipped kitchenette, living room, dining area, 2 bedrooms, one or more bathrooms, TV and air conditioning. All of the Units have a great view of the ocean, from both the living room and the master bedroom on the lower level.

Please continue for a tour through our Center, Penthouse and Corner Units:

Islas Del Sol / Outside Building

The most popular unit at Islas, is the Center Unit. There are 7 of these style units with entrances from the even numbered floors. All of the entrances to the units are from an open walkway on the street side of the building. From the elevator, or the stairs, you approach the front door by a wide topiary lined walkway.
The entrance to the unit is through an equipped kitchen, with stove top, sink, refrigerator, microwave and with a kitchen table that seats 4, in a nice size area.
Center Unit Photo Gallery / © Copyright 2009

At the lower level, all of the Center Units are two bedroom and one bath. They are decorated in similar fashion, but not exactly the same. They offer sleeping privacy for 6; 2 in the living area on the first level; 2 in the master and 2 in the second bedroom on the lower level.

Penthouse Photo Gallery / © Copyright 2009

The top floor of Islas Del Sol accommodates (3) Penthouse Units. They are our most impressive and accommodating units. Two are privately owned and the third, #1703, the largest, is a Timeshare Unit. It occupies one half of the top two floors with entrance from the 17th floor. The bedrooms are on the upstairs floor, only accessible from the inside of the Penthouse. There you will find Four large bedrooms and 3 full baths!

The #1703 time share Unit has a marvelous view of the Ocean, and most of the City. There is a very large terrace surrounding two sides of the main floor. Sunbathing, reading and other private outside activities are easily available on the terrace

There is a nice kitchen with all of the needed accessories, a very large dining area and then a separate living room for relaxing, visiting and watching TV! It even has its own powder room! From all of the Units you will always see and hear the beautiful Ocean; but, from the Penthouse, you will find your pleasures far exceeds that of all other units!


At Islas, the Corner Unit is also a very popular unit location. There are two Corner units per even numbered floor, while there are seven Center units per floor. What is the difference? The Corner unit has an additional 538 Sq. Ft. on both floor levels; giving much more available space to relax and enjoy yourself while indoors!

This extra space guarantees two large bedrooms and full bathrooms in the lower level.

Corner Unit Photo Gallery / © Copyright 2009
All the entrances to these units are on the street side of the building as shown on at least one of the photos in the adjoining Photo Gallery pictures, There is a full wall of large windows on the outer side of the main room, giving more natural light and view. The entrance to the unit enters into an equipped kitchen, with stove top, sink, refrigerator, microwave, with a table that seats 4, in a nice size area. Also the living room is very spacious.

With the added space, all of the Corner Units offer sleeping privacy for 7; 2 in the living area on the first level; 2 in the master bedroom (add 1 with an extra single bed) and 2 in the second bedroom, both on the lower level.

Thank you for Visiting!

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